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Home based daycare with preschool focus. Come discover, learn and play!


openings available april 1, 2019!

We believe that bright futures come from balanced beginnings

Structure +

Healthy Meals

Stimulating Learning Lessons

Character Building

Simple Rules

Predictable Routine

Feeling Safe and Loved

Freedom =

To play

To explore

To question

To get dirty

To try new things

To discover ourselves

A Balanced Beginning!

Strong and Healthy Bodies

Curious and Open Minds

Helpful Hands

Thankful Hearts

Adventurous Spirits

Lifelong Learners


Pre-School Learn and play ages 18 months through 5 years

Albert Einstein said, "PLAY is the highest form of research."

There is extensive research that shows concepts  learned through play are more deeply absorbed and more broadly understood.

By offering an environment that is structured to encourage children towards play and exploration in independent tasks, group participation and one on one learning with the teacher; I am putting this philosophy to work. 

Learning is truly a wonderful adventure! My goal is to teach your child a lifelong love of learning. By embracing the process of learning through a positive light from an early age, your child will be able to transition into school successfully. 

Don't be fooled! Just because we are very busy at play does not mean we are not very serious about learning. Your child will have something new to share and show you daily. Age appropriate skills and knowledge are practiced and mastered. Your child will not simply be sat down with a stack of worksheets. We ENGAGE in our learning process. 

Our themes are designed to correlate with the season. This allows the learning to continue outside of class without you as a parent having to work too hard at it! Each theme will cross over into our core learning areas of math, science, literacy, music, arts and motor skills.

I love using fun games and everyday activities with the children to reinforce concepts and skills. We use matching games for literacy , math and science. We use music for memory, fine and gross motor skills and learning social skills like taking turns.

Circle time teaches us to be respectful of our neighbor, listen, ask questions, learn about feelings and use our imaginations. 

Mealtime teaches us manners. We also learn to help set and clear the table and some basic meal prep as we get bigger. 

Outdoor time is full of gross motor skill practice and learning about our surroundings. The children plant a garden each year and  learn to care for the  plants. We feed birds and look for insects. We also have visitors who bring us animals to learn about like chickens, rabbits and goats.

Role play during free time allows the children to explore their "who" and "do". We have visitors throughout the year that come and talk to us about their jobs as well to reinforce the role play and discovery. From local fireman to farmers-it is fun for the kids to see and learn.


More than just "daycare":

Balanced Beginnings Daycare is truly designed to be an engaging and FUN learning experience for your child. 

Childhood is an all too short AMAZING adventure. My goal is to make the most of that time for your child.

I have designed a program that balances FUN, LEARNING and NUTRITION so that your child will be able to excel when the time comes for their transition to "formal" education.

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